Comfrey has been cultivated for healing since 400 BCE. It was used by such notable Greek physicians as Herodotus, Nicander, Galen, and Dioscorides. It continued to be used throughout history and its use spread throughout Europe.

Wild comfrey contains allantoin, which is found in the milk of nursing mothers. It encourages cell-reproduction and thus stimulates the healing of wounds. It also has a high mucilage content, which smooths the skin. This makes comfrey a valuable addition to salves and lotions and a soothing addition to baths.

Comfrey is associated with Saturn and water and is sacred to Hecate.

Comfrey is used in protective magic for the traveler and to protect against theft. Try placing a comfrey leaf in your luggage to make sure it isn’t lost or stolen. Use comfrey root in sachets for protection while traveling, and to keep your lover faithful while you are gone. Also, use it in sachets to protect vehicles. Hang from your rearview mirror or hide it under a seat.

Wrap your money in a comfrey leaf for several days before going to a casino or poker game. It will help keep your bets coming back to you.

Comfrey flowers, especially blue ones, can be substituted in any spell calling for borage.

Use comfrey in a bath after ritual to relax and cleanse you, especially for healing or love spells.

It can be burned in combination with mugwort to aid in divination and concentration and by itself or in combination for spells associated with letting go of unhealthy relationships.