Mistletoe has always been considered a magical, good luck plant. Lovers who kiss beneath it will have lasting happiness and carrying a sprig on your person will ensure good luck, protection, and fertility. Hanging it in the home was supposed to protect it from disease, lightning, werewolves and having your children switched with faerie changelings.

Mistletoe is considered to be a plant of male energy. Indeed, the white berries are reminiscent of semen (if you imagine hard enough). It has feminine properties as well, however. It is also associated with the sun and the element of air. It is associated with the Gods Apollo, Venus, Freya, Odin, and Balder.

Mistletoe is associated with both Yule and Midsummer festivals.

Use in spells to attract love, for protection, for luck while hunting, for forgiveness and reconciliation, to increase sexual potency in men and to help conceive.

It can be burned to banish unwanted spirits, laid across the threshold of the bedroom to banish unpleasant dreams, hung in the home to attract love and drive away negative influence and carried as a general protective amulet.

Its wood is useful for making wands and other ritual tools.