It is said that the Trojan War hero Achilles was taught by Chiron the centaur to use Yarrow to treat the wounds of his soldiers. For centuries soldiers carried yarrow in war for this reason. One story says that the plant originally grew from rust that he scraped from his spear. The botanical name translates as “Achilles’ thousand leaved herb”.

Yarrow intensifies the work of other herbs and helps the body rid itself of toxins.

Yarrow tea should be given at the first sign of a cold or flu, especially if there is a fever present. It is also good for measles and similar diseases. (Anything involving fevers & spots) One ounce dried leaves to one pint boiling water. Externally, an ointment made with yarrow can be applied or (better) use it in a steam bath for both headaches and fever.

Yarrow is associated with Aphrodite, Hermes, the Horned God, and the hero Achilles. It is ruled by Venus and the element water and is associated with the seventh chakra. Yarrow essence can be used as a general aura cleanser and strengthener providing strong, general protection for the personal energy field during divination, astral projection or just everyday life.

Yarrow is used for divination and love spells and in spells for contacting or seeking out a specific person.

The stalks are traditionally used for casting the I Ching and the flowers can be added to dream pillows to encourage prophetic dreams. Rubbing your eyelids with yarrow is said to enhance psychic abilities. It can be used in incense or oil to cleanse the aura, and for divination. Yarrow tea can also be drunk prior to divination, and to help the mind focus on a specific issue, or avoid distractions. Especially useful for psychic communication with a loved one and, when in times of strife, can help you and your loved one see things from each others’ point of view.