Mugwort is often considered a witch's best friend in dream magic. It is a member of the Artemisia family, a family of botanical named after Artemis, protector of women, fertility, creativity, witchcraft, and psychic ability. No other plant has a more powerful association with magic, especially dream magic, than mugwort.


Placing mugwort next to your bed or drinking an infusion aids in astral projection, prophetic dreaming, and psychic ability. Taking an infusion of mugwort is not for everyone. Exercise caution when ingesting.


Mugwort can be used where ever a digestive stimulant is needed. When taken internally, it stimulates the production of bitter juices while also providing carminative oil. The volatile oil in mugwort, which contains cineole and thujone, have a mild nervine action which can aid in depression and easing tension. It can also be used to aid in menstrual flow although it can cause severe uterine contractions so women who are pregnant or wish to become pregnant should NOT take mugwort internally. 


Mugwort 15g