Peppermint is usually associated with Elemental Air, probably because of its strong fresh scent. As an Air herb, peppermint can be used for divination, visualization, and wind magic. Some consider it a Venus herb, though, and peppermint is often used in love magick and is said to be an aphrodisiac. 


Put it in a sleep sachet to encourage prophetic dreams.  Peppermint is known for its ability to enhance “third eye” awareness and peaceful sleep.  Pairs nicely with chamomile or lavender.

Dry it and keep it near your work space.  Its association with prosperity and financial success make it an ideal herb for raising the vibrations wherever you do what you do to earn a living.

Rub on temples to promote mental clarity.  Whether you are facing a tough decision or you just need to clear your head after life’s little upheavals, the scent of peppermint helps cut through the noisy mental chaos.

Plant near the front door to protect the homestead.


Peppermint leaves 15g